The Proposal

How sweet to be swept off your feet

(Carl)I called Angie's dad (pop) a few months earlier to get his acceptance, before, I asked her to marry me. Her dad gave me his blessing. I called Angie a week later and told her that I made reservations for Saturday night and wanted to take her out.

(Angie) I met up with Cheri on Sat. morning, we had breakfast, then went to have my hair, nails done, and went to buy me an outfit. Later that evening, I was really tired, so I called Carl to say I really didn't feel like going out, and asked him to cancel reservations, which he reluctantly did. The next day, we picked my dad up for breakfast and as we were getting out car, Carl came over to open my door as he always does, then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I graciously accepted, and the most special part was when he explained why he was reluctant to cancel, because he had the whole thing planned out, at the restaurant, the night before, but cancelled the plans, because I said I was so tired. He added that the most important thing for him, was to do it in front of the man who he knows, means so much to me, which was and is "my daddy". It was the best proposal ever, from a man who never even got upset, even when, I changed my mind, at the last minute. What more can a woman ask for, then a loving man, with patience?