How we met

How we met

Tuesday afternoon on the 2nd of August I was over at Adams house working on my bike when Kevin rides up and asks, “Hey, do you like Kid Rock?”. I responded, “Yea, of course.”

“You want to go to a concert tonight, Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow?”

“Heck ya!”

“Great, ‘cause there’s someone there you gotta meet. Her name is Ashley.”

“Heck no!”

What must be understood in this is I had just returned from a deployment in which I had been “Dear John” ‘d, and was not really in the mood for any form of female company. Well, after talking to Kevin for a bit I came to find out that she had some extra tickets and was looking for some more people to go with. I spoke with Kevin for a bit and found out he had known her for a bit and I became convinced that she was into HIM(I could not be more wrong). We hammered back and forth for a bit until I finally said, “If she still has the tickets then I guess I’ll go”. He called her back and discovered she had already gotten rid of them due to our 3-hour argument. I decided to just call it all for the best and be on my way. About 15 minutes later, Adam gets home from work and I proceed to explain this hysterical situation to him…and when I get to the part about “meeting her at a Kid Rock concert but she gave up the tickets”, Adam reaches into his back pocket and goes, “You mean like these tickets?” and produces 4 of them.

I guess sometimes fate just has to give you a brick across the face to get the point across.

All that needs be said after that is, when I met her, I was VERY glad I was wearing sunglasses. She was so beautiful my eyes got as big as saucers(and in spite of a normally unshakeable demeanor, I got NERVOUS AS HELL!!!). I accused Adam and Kevin of a “conspiracy” at the time…looking back on it I guess sometimes you just have to conspire on your friends for their own good. God knows I could not be more grateful for having them as friends and the opportunity it gave me to meet the most wonderful woman in the world, even if it did take a brick to the face…