The Proposal


It was our second anniversary week-end and I was on the phone when he had left to pay bills for the day. I knew he would be gone for awhile so I stayed on the phone in the bedroom and watched television. When he returned he told me to "come here" in a demanding voice, which was very unusual so I rushed into the living room thinking something happened. As I approched him yelling "what's wrong", he took my hand and said "Don't you remember when I told you that if we were happy together for two years that I would marry you", and I said "yeah", then he said "I meant it so (as he got down on one knee and pulled the ring box from behind his back) will you marry me? Of course, I screamed yes and started crying like a baby because I was totally blind-sided! This was so special because I still got diamond heart earrings as my anniversary gift, as if the ring wasn't enough! I loves me some him!!!