The Proposal

We got engaged on March 14th 2012. It was just a couple days before Chelsy's birthday on a little mid-week get away. We were staying at a bed and breakfast in Delta, B.C. I (Dan) had been working on a plan for sometime and finally perfected it. :) I had gone up several hours early to check in as Chelsy's plane was set to arrive in Vancouver at 9:30. When I arrived, I got right to work. I started placing gifts and "clues" around the room for her birthday scavenger hunt. There were rose pedals scattered about and I made sure to have our song playing when she walked in.. "Living of Love" by the Avett Brothers. So when we arrived back Chelsy diligently began her search for each gift as the previous clue had prompted her on her way. As she made her way upstairs, I snuck out the door to await her return. On the door was a note asking her to close her eyes and slowly walk outside. I was waiting under a large umbrella, as it was raining out, on one knee and a ring in my hands. I had constructed a sign that read, "Chelsy, will you marry me?" I spent about a week putting it together using all kinds of arts and crafts products. The funniest part was that she didn't even notice it until after I officially proposed because it was so dark out... :) But obviously since you're reading this, the answer was YES! We spent a couple days being pampered by the good folks at the River Run Cottages and returned back to Seattle to celebrate her birthday with my (Dan) family.