The Proposal

Our Engagement Story

On Saturday October 22, 2011 my wonderful partner and I set out on a quick getaway for a night in Squamish, BC. We love going up to the Whistler area as the drive is stunning and reminds me of the beauty our beautiful province holds on the Coast. My partner Sonya let me know in advance that she had planned a surprise event for me that day so we needed to be in town by a certain time of day. I was pretty excited as I didn't know what was in store for me. We drove up and chatted along the way taking in all the scenery, passing Shannon Falls and the Chief, a local mountain that many avid hikers dare to climb. All the while I am wondering and playing through my mind what we might be doing that day, reminding her that I don't like to hike or be exposed to cold weather *smile* this she assured me she knows quite well and not to worry. As we get closer to our destination she tells me she called ahead and unfortunately due to the weather conditions we may not be able to do the planned activity today, we won't know until we arrive. So as we get closer my mind continues to wonder... Is it horseback riding? Is it hiking? Is it boating? ... She starts to drive down the back roads a bit and I'm thinking oh we are going to see the Eagles in Brackendale. But we drive past that and shortly after turn into a gravel covered driveway with signs for Sea to Sky Air. I was so shocked!! I said "Are we going on a plane ride?" very excitedly!!!!! She says "Yes, as long as the weather cooperates. If not we may be able to do it later today or tomorrow. We have to go inside to find out" "Really?!!!" I say. "Really we are going on a plane!!" So we get out and go inside and I am very excited. I have never done anything like this and I had no idea this is what was she had planned for me. So we checked in and unfortunately the weather created an issue with visibility and no planes were going out. They said to call and check in later or the next day to see if we could go out. So we headed to our hotel to check in and then go into to town to browse around. We had a nice day touring and even stumbled upon an amazing find in the thrift shop. I was browsing around and found a pickle dish exactly like the one my mom had when I was growing up, this was of great joy for me as we had just moved into a townhouse we purchased together on September 18th and during the move my mom's pickle dish was broken, and so was my heart as my mom is no longer with us. It was a little bit of a miracle for me, something so simple that filled my heart with a memory of her. My partner then planned to take me to dinner at a very well known restaurant in the area that is supposed have amazing food. We sat a table near the window and fireplace and chatted away, enjoying each other's company. It was a lovely day. We headed back to the hotel contemplating taking a dip in the pool or enjoying the hot tub but decided to just stay in and get warm so she drew me a bath with plenty of bubbles and left me alone to soak for a while. Shortly after I became bored was hoping we could just talk some more together, she seemed to be distracted a bit as she offered me my book to read and a drink encouraging me to stay in the tub and enjoy a moment of relaxation. So she left but never came back with my pop... so I banged on the door and called her, thinking what is she doing?? After some time passed she came to me empty handed, I asked her if I could please have my drink? .. she says oh sorry.. says I am going to get some ice do you know where the ice machine is? I thought this was odd, we have never been to this hotel before and so I asked her to just bring me a pop and not to worry about the ice. I was a little confused by her behaviour and then I heard some music playing... and it got louder... when I was ready I got out of the tub threw on a robe and headed out to see what she was up to, opening the door and saying "What are you doing?" I looked down and there are pink rose petals all over the floor... there is a trail of them... confused further I ask louder "What is this? What are you doing?" I follow the rose petals to the bedroom and there on the queen size bed is a Huge Heart in rose petals and confetti "CHERYL WILL YOU MARRY ME" She is down on one knee with a ring box in her hand and she says to me "Cheryl, Will you make me the happiest person in the world and do me the honour of marrying me?" with tears in my eyes I say "YES!!!"

I have attached the picture of our proposal. When I came home and announced to my friends and family that we were engaged everyone was very happy for us. One of my friends told me that my partner had been planning this for months and that she knew what was going to happen and so excited for me. There were many other possibilities that she had run through to ensure that she gave me the perfect proposal… she had planned to propose on my birthday with all my friends and family present. She had planned to propose at the Taylor Swift concert we had attended for my niece’s birthday. She had tried so very hard to be unique and make it special as my partner truly wants to give me the world. The next day the weather cleared up and we did go on the plane ride!! It was as breathtaking as my engagement ring and my partner. I had the ultimate experience of my lifetime that weekend, the Pilot even let me fly the plane for a short period of time. Now who in the world can say in the same sentence, she proposed, I'm ENGAGED, and I FLEW A PLANE TODAY!!!! Amazing!! I am very grateful to my partner for giving me such an amazing gift.