How We Met

Steven and I met through a mutual friend at our local mall. At the time I was working at a girl clothing store and the mutual friend was as well. Steven happen to walk in one day to say hi to his friend and I noticed Steven looking my way. When he left the girl said,"My friend kept asking about you and said you were really pretty" I said, " I don't care, I hope you didn't give him my name". Then the next time I saw Steven, he was riding with me and the girl home, they were on their way to some Sunday ritual dinner that they have with all their friends at the local Friendlys. The girl had given me a ride home and Steven rode along too and all I my remember was Steven being such a sweet person, asking me question, like where I was from and how long have I've been here in PA. I remember the last thing he told me was, " You have such a sweet voice, do you want to come out with us." I said, "I can't, but maybe next time". And from then on, we became best friends.