Alison & Jack

April 5, 2012

Wedding Story

And that's what our wedding was like!

Thanks to everybody who came to our wedding and made the day unforgettable! We decided to invite only our nearest and dearest – best friends, parents and grandparents, cousins, uncles and aunts, and it truly made our wedding reception very intimate and pleasant: almost like a barbeque party with a twist! :-)

As none of us is religious, we decided to register our marriage in a court. The ceremony was nice, although a bit "too official", so thank god it was reasonably short. We were dressed elegantly, but not too bombastic! Bright blue dress and a beige tuxedo looked great on a sunny day, especially when we went to the sea shore for a walk with our witnesses and a bottle of wine. Ann said, laughing, that my blue dress represents the sea and Johnny's beige tuxedo – sand. It made me think about one of Leonard Cohen's songs:

"I'm not looking for another as I wander in my time,

Walk me to the corner, our steps will always rhyme

You know my love goes with you as your love stays with me,

It's just the way it changes, like the shoreline and the sea".

I felt like I've never really understood the undertones of this beautiful song until that moment, and it almost brought tears to my eyes. Tears of happiness, of-course.