Jennifer Wolf & Ben Alvarez

March 1, 2012

Ben and Jenny!

Ben and Jenny!

Ben and I met last December in a place you wouldn’t call the most romantic place in the world – in a hospital. He was a patient with a compound fracture of the ankle, and I was (and still am) a nurse. He always used to smile at me and tell a joke or two whenever I came to the ward to give him an injection. I thought he was cute, but as you probably know, medical staff is not encouraged to get involved in any personal relationships with their patients. Besides, I couldn't stop thinking silly thoughts like: "is he attracted to me or am I imagining things?" and "can he see my cheeks turn red when he smiles at me?"

When the day came for Ben to be discharged from the hospital, I felt happy that he recovered so quickly, but at the same time - sad, ‘cause I thought I probably will never see him again. Next morning, however, on my way to work, I was surprised to see a man in a firefighter's uniform, standing by the main entrance of the hospital and holding a bunch of tulips in his hand. As I approached him I suddenly realized it was… Ben! I felt a billion of butterflies spreading their little wings in my stomach. I tried to look (and sound) calm when I said "hello". Ben looked me right in the eye and replied: "I just must invite you for a cup of coffee". I started laughing and didn't know how to react, so Ben went on: "well… I'm not your patient anymore, remember?" I smiled and realized that now nothing is really stopping me from having that cup of coffee with a man in that sexy firefighter's uniform! (Thank God, it was cold enough outside for my cheeks to turn red for natural reasons).

Three months later, Ben proposed to me in the most romantic way a firefighter can possibly come up with: he knocked on my… window! (I live on the third floor). He was standing on a ladder of a fire truck, holding a golden ring. And you know what? Although I've been waiting for this moment for half of my life, for a second I became hesitant. I asked myself: "Jenny, do you really want to spend your whole life with a man who risks his life on a daily basis? Are you ready to be worried every time he's half an hour late for dinner?" But then I realized that truly caring about Ben and worrying for his well being are the symptoms of REAL LOVE, and nothing should be stopping me from marrying the man I love. So, as you all have probably guessed, I opened the window, wrapped my arms around Ben (trying not to fall out of the window in the process) and shouted out: yes-yes-YES!

As our wedding is approaching, I felt like I just have to share our story to inspire you folks and lift your mood a little. Even if you haven't found your true love yet, do not lose hope! Just live your life, have fun and remember that your second half really IS waiting for you somewhere, and maybe it's already knocking on your door (or window)?..