The Proposal

I had wanted the proposal to be perfect. The night began with a wonderful dinner at Riva on Navy Pier. We had a perfect view of the city skyline and our food was delicious. After the dinner, my plan was to take Jessica on the Ferris Wheel so I could propose overlooking the city. But...the ride was temporarily out of service! So...I had to adapt. I remembered seeing photo booths on the first floor so I suggested we take pictures. But...the photo booth would not accept my credit card. So with the thought that I did not want to wait any longer, I pushed forward and found a Groupon kiosk that also took pictures. I figured out where I needed to be to be in frame if I was on my knee by having Jess place her bear hat on and pretend to maul me. On the second take, after I knew I'd be able to get us both in screen, I waited for the last second before pulling out the ring and proposing to Jess while she pretended to maul me. I wish the camera could have taken a procession of pictures to capture Jess's complete reaction!!! Although the proposal did not go as planned, in the end, it was spontaneous and the picture was goofy...which made it perfect for us because we always take goofy pictures together.