How We Met

How We Met Four Years Ago..

Cory and Kelsey met on July 21, 2008 through their mutual friend Danielle Shanley. Kelsey had been hanging out with Danielle washing their cars, when Cory came over to help Danielle put a sound system into her car. Being the shy and reserved one that Kelsey was, she hardly spoke at all to Cory, much to his dismay she later found out. The three friend spent the rest of the day together running errands and zooming around in Cory's little orange sports car. When at Walmart later in teh day, Cory tried desperately to talk to Kelsey, but because she was so nervous by his presence, she hardly spoke back (although, she remembers talking more to Cory than he lets people believe she did lol).

Then next day, Kelsey received a random text that simply said, "hi" (Cory was definitely a man of many words;]). Not recognizing the number from which the text came from, Kelsey responded with, "hi there, who is this?". Cory then proceeded to tell her that he had gotten her number from Danielle and was just texting to chat. Being quite attracted to Cory, and intrigued as to who he was and what he was about, she happily agreed to text him and see what was up. (At this point, Keley was quite oblivious to the fact that Cory was interested in her. According to her they were "just friends", and she saw to it that everyone was convinced of the same thing).

Two days after that fateful text, Kelsey and Cory went out for coffee to Kootenai Coffee, with Cory bringing along her photography for the two to browse through. They talked for what seemed like hours, and eventually th eevening drew to a close. At this point, Cory and Kelsey texted nearly all the time when Cory was not at work, and talked on the phone for hours a night. What started as a "just friends" relationship, grew into something a little more. They talked about their faith walks, their families, their goals and dreams, interests, hobbies, childhoods, their morals and values, anything you could possibly think of, they talked about. When Kelsey (finally) began to admit this growth, she pulled out her list of "Must Haves and Can't Stands" from her 8th grade year purity workshop. This was a set of two lists, that had ten things Kelsey prayed about and required in a potential spouse, and ten things that just wouldn't make the cut. Cory fit all of the requirements, and didn't have any of the deal breakers.

A few weeks later, on August 4, 2008, Kelsey and Cory decided to "go steady", to be in a relationship and call each other boyfriend and girlfriend. The two have been going strong ever since, and are now getting married on August 5, 2012, the day after their four year anniversary. Their relationship through the years has grown tremendously. By keeping Christ as the third person in it, they have been able to grow closer to each other as a couple, and also closer as the body of Christ.