About Us

Leah is full of energy and brings lots of life to our relationship! She has an amazing voice, is a stud runner, very smart, and she truly loves Jesus. I am so blessed that God is giving me the full package in a woman; meeting my every need and want in a wife. Did I mention that she is gorgeous? I am attracted to the way she is gentle and loving in moments where I need to her be. Leah is just quirky enough to match me as well. She knows how to take care of me and serve me; and I love worshipping and praying with her. I look forward to the mission work that God has placed in her heart for inner city kids and India!

Daniel is the most amazing man I have ever met. That's why I am marrying him. :) He loves adventure, surprises and being active. The thing I love most about Daniel, and what attracted me to him from the beginning, is that he truly has the heart of a servant. He cares about other people so much, and is extremely genuine in doing so. He is selfless in his actions, and puts others before himself. He also is a man of prayer. I feel so blessed to be marrying someone who has a strong dependence on the Lord through prayer. Daniel has a heart for overseas missions, specifically the country of China. I am excited to travel there with him someday and see how the Lord uses us to minister to his people!