The Proposal

For five consecutive summers in a row, Leah spent a week in the inner-city of Chicago on a missions trip with her home church. During the time spent there, and the the time following, Leah became attached the city of Chicago and the people there. June of 2011 was the first summer that Leah was not able to travel with her church to Chicago. She was very disappointed and found herself complaining to Daniel about it a lot.

One night while Leah's church members were in the inner city of Chicago, Leah was once again whining to Daniel about how she wished she was there. Daniel interrupted her and said, "Do you want to go right now? You could pack your bag, we'll drive through the night, and I'll drop you off at the church in the morning." Shocked, Leah just starred at him. She really wanted to say yes - being spontaneous is always fun. But her commitment to her manager at work kept her in Sioux Falls. however, for the rest of the summer it was kind of a continued joke that one night Daniel was going to tell Leah to pack her bags for Chicago, and she wouldn't have the option of saying no.

The first weekend in August, Daniel took a trip by himself down to the International House of Prayer. His intention was to seek the Lord for affirmation in asking Leah to marry him. One his first evening there, very soon after he had started praying, he felt totally affirmed by the Lord and at peace about marrying Leah. He spent the rest of the weekend have awesome fellowship, and spending time in the presence of God.

The following weeked, Leah got off of work at 7:00pm. Daniel told her to pack a bag for Chicago, so she did. Daniel drove through the night all the way to Chicago while Leah slept in the back seat of the car. They arrived at Navy Pier in Chicago at about 5:30am, just in time to watch the sunrise. The plan was to go to a cute cafe after the sunrise and enjoy some breakfast. After the sun had mostly risen, Daniel asked Leah if they could pray together before leaving. Leah said "Sure - what do you want to pray about?" Daniel answered by explaining that he just wanted to ask God to bless our weekend together and our relationship. So they prayed. Leah found herself easily distracted by the hunger in her stomach, and was beginning to get a little impatient with Daniel's lengthy prayers. But then she caught herself and thought, "How selfish am I? This guy wants to pray with me and I just want to go eat breakfast." Leah began thanking the Lord for pairing her with a man who loved prayer so much.

Shortly after, Daniel said, "Amen." Leah stood up and asked if she could take one more picture of the skyline before they left for breakfast. She snapped the picture and as when she turned around Daniel was down on one knee with a ring in his hand. He told her that he loved her for the first time, that he was so excited to serve God with her, and to faithfully serve her. After many other sweet things, he asked, "Leah Delrae Hansen, will you marry me?" She said yes. :)