How We Met

From Virtual to Reality

Ours is not a typical story. It started in virtual reality. We met on a computer 'game' called Second Life, where we were both roleplaying characters. I (Melody) was a blue skinned girl with a bubbly persona while he was an 8 foot tall, dark and handsome guy. He started talking to me because I stood out in every crowd, and that appealed to him. And once we started talking we couldn't stop! We moved on to MSN chats, then Skype, then phone calls. Then came the day when I stepped off a plane at the Vancouver airport, took one look at this man and said to myself ''this is the one.''

Nathan, on the other hand, took some more work to get to that point! So we dated for 2 years (in which we both lived through many ups and downs) until on our second anniversary night (more or less, as it was postponed slightly until he had ring in hand) he asked me to be his wife. And of course you know the answer to that!