The Proposal

Best. Day. Ever.

We were going out to dinner for our second dating anniversary. Nathan chose Seasons in the Park in Queen Elizabeth park. It was mid-August and the weather was rainy but steadily improving. We arrived at the restaurant too early for our reservations so we decided to explore the park a bit first. The Bloedel Conservatory caught my (Melody) eye due to it having a souvenir shop. In my opinion, everything with a souvenir shop should be explored! We played the 'treasure' hunt provided, discovering all sorts of fun birds and plants. We even bought a souvenir! I was excited - so far it was the best. anniversary. ever.

But we were far from done! With still more time before our table was ready, we explored more of the park. It was at this time that Nathan was getting positively anxious. He would guide me to a spot, then nearly drag me away from it as soon as someone else would walk too close to us. Finally I thought that perhaps we ought to get to the restaurant and he refused to let me pass. The area where we were was beautiful, yet damp from the rain. He started talking to me about our relationship so far, which was way out of character for him. I took a seat on the side of the park bench least damp from the rain and he finally took from his jacket pocket what he had been fiddling with all this time - a ring box. Going almost down on one knee (it was very wet and dirty for his nice pants) he asked for my hand in marriage. I said yes! And it was truly the best anniversary ever... so far.