Our story

Our story according to Nicole

I was starting my M.Sc. in 2005 at the University of Alberta. I flew in the red eye from Halifax with my two little suitcases and stated my new address to an airport shuttle driver. I arrived at 9751 (What we would later call our home) at 2am and was trying to be very quiet so our new roommates wouldn't hate me from day 1. I was greeted by this really hot guy who came bounding up the stairs with a big grin, and I thought to myself "he's really hot, probably a jerk though." The following morning he stated "You probably need furniture, want me to take you to Ikea?". After a night of sleeping on top of a jacket and under a towel, I thought "Ikea? I love you!" but stated "Sure : | "

When the landlady sent me info on the roommates Dorothy and Farooq, I thought "Ok, I'm rooming with an old lady and a foreign kid, I'll get so much studying done!!" WRONG!! Not only did he set me up in my home, but he introduced me to his friends, showed me where my classes would be, and attempted to take me to the beach when I was homesick.

After living together for 21 days, yes that's right, I held off and focused on my studies for 3 whole weeks. I was at school when he asked me to lunch. He picked me up on my break, and we went to his favourite place: Bach Dang. He was acting super weird and just stared at me from across the table without speaking. I was freaked out, and thinking, "My roommate is a serial killer." So I ate really quickly and said I had to get back. We hopped in his car and headed back towards the University. He stopped the car suddenly, on what I would describe as a highway, and was white knuckled and staring at the steering wheel. I thought "he IS a serial killer!" Then he yelled: "I don't know how you feel about me, but I REALLY like you, and you're not giving me ANY signs." Then he spun towards me, kissed me, and sped off….

According to Farooq

While finishing up my degree in Edmonton, I rented a room in a little house near the University. I didn't really hang out with any of the roommates, and when I found out that one of the upstairs roommates was moving out and someone else was moving in, I didn't take much notice. However, when the new roommate arrived late one night, I decided to welcome them to the house, and unexpectedly, my new roommate was a cute girl. In the months that followed I showed her the ropes of the town I grew up in, and we started hanging out more and more - and we always had fun despite my very poor and sometimes disastrous choices of dating venues.

Finally, one day I gathered up some courage and took her to my favourite Vietnamese restaurant to tell her that I liked her - but I chickened out. Well, after a long and awkward lunch, I regained my composure, and told her in the car as we were leaving. Apparently we were in the middle of an intersection when I did this. Anyways, it worked out, and the rest is history.