Our story

Nikki & Eugene

On a warm sunny day in Los Angeles 2004, two teammates met for the first time. It was the first practice of the new track season and everyone was excited to begin the new year. At the start of the practice Eugene noticed that two people (one being Nikki) were not doing thier warm up correctly and decided to assist them. Well, the two individuals did not like his forceful style of assistance and decided to hate him forever. Luckily for Eugene she did not hate him forever. Through the course of the years Eugene and Nikki's friendship grew closer and closer to the point where the bond could not be broken and a relationship was formed. Through thick and thin, light and day their relationship is still going strong. On August 19th of 2011, Eugene L. Hutchinson Jr got down on one knee and proposed to Omonike R. Kotey and she said yes...(after 2 minutes of crying)