Raychel Danielle Frank & Markus Daniel Gerhard

September 15, 2012

Our Family

…Soon after I, against certain medical odds and a false sense of security, became pregnant with our son and our beloved church Quest was ending. I thought that this was going to be the end and I was so scared because finally things were perfect. I should have known that God had a plan. Markus in the months to come never ceased to awe me. His dedication, unconditional love and positive outlook, among other qualities, showed me his true character and how lucky I was to have him. He was there every single second for me. Once we made the choice to keep our baby, things fell into place. We grew closer to our families, needs were met, families united, plans were forged, and above all, I woke up everyday to a new day of growing closer to Markus. The bond between us was unlike anything else I had ever experienced. Through the whole pregnancy, we were like an all star team readying for the big day. That day arrived March 6th 2012. Covan Mikhail Gerhard was the ultimate tie that bonded us and our families together. He was the best thing to have ever happened to Markus and me. It was hard months after filled with fatigue but also great happiness. Markus and I struggled to find time together and it was a new challenge to find time, give of ourselves and figure out the ultimate puzzling challenge: a baby.Markus not only fully took on the role of a father but excelled in it. His love for Covan was evident in every way. He by far is one of the best daddys I’ve ever seen...