Raychel Danielle Frank & Markus Daniel Gerhard

September 15, 2012

Our Wedding

...There are many things that make Markus an incredible human being. I admired and still do his ability to see people for who they truly are without condemning them. I adore his ability to make me laugh even in an argument. I appreciate his and my way of being the same person before, during and after an argument. No rude put downs or purposely hurting one another and never a raised voice.The way he handles Covan, with the many silly nick names, never minding to get up with the baby, whatever the hours and the look of pure pride and love for him clearly is seen in Markus’s face. The face that I am truly blessed to look into every day and now forever. I love how outgoing he is and his passion for what he loves in music, family, life…There are so many more things to be said about my fiancé but this sums it up: I love him more then I’ve ever loved anyone and I can truly say it and mean it. We’ve been through incredible things and come out better then ever. I’m so excited to officially become his wife and continue to raise our family. Thanks to God, I have my knight in shining armor and a fairytale love but this isn’t happily ever after with a “the end” as we have many more adventures to come. <3