How We Met

We met some years ago; I was working at a private Christian school and him a truck driver delivering supplies to the school. As I watched this man walk across the yard I couldn’t take my eyes off him. It was his stroll; he walked with such confidence as if he owned the place. Eager to find out something about him I ask his name, and with his deep voice he replied,” SANDMAN”. Surprised by the name he had given I responded with “Oh is that right”? Yes that’s right he said! “I’m the Dream Maker”. Oh really? Yes! But I’m not the guy that sends them; I’m the guy that’s in them. He laughed and walked away. Instant chemistry!

A few weeks went by and during this time all I seem to think about was this delivery guy Sandman. I didn’t know anything about him just his name. I wanted to know more. About three weeks later he returned to the school with more supplies. We spoke for a short while, I would have liked for this conversation to never end, but my break was over and he had another delivery to make and once again he was gone! Some time passes by and I didn’t see him. I found out that the school stopped having their supplies delivered.

Month’s maybe a year later while on the school yard I hear, hello Ms. Regina. It was Sandman! I remember having butterflies but very happy to see him. I found out that his daughter was a student at the school. He had gotten there earlier to pick her up but had fallen asleep in his car. That hello turned into morning conversation on the playground and some in the evening. We became very close friends always talking with one another about everything it was nice to have met such a great person. Over time I felt myself becoming more attracted to him on a much deeper level than just friends.

At the time I didn’t know what I was feeling, but realized that I was really in love with this man. But I kept this a secret never revealing my love. Well not to him! he was my friend and I didn’t want to lose or mess that up in anyway! But I couldn’t take it, it was burning me up inside I had to let him know how I was feeling. So I did, I spilled the beans and released what I’ve held in for so many years. Two and a half years later we were engaged. On August 26, 2012 twelve years after meeting, we will exchange marriage vows.