Sabina Andersson & Kenneth Roth

June 19, 2012

Tornado Love

So, that's how we met:

Hi, my name is Sabina, I’m a 29 year old web designer from Memphis and I’d like to share my love story with the community!

I met the man of my life – Kenneth under really ambiguous circumstances. He was working as a mover to put himself through a medical school and I… well, I was about to move to a new apartment with my now ex-boyfriend. Fred and I have been seeing each other for nearly a year, so we decided to rent an apartment and move in together. Unfortunately though, when it was time to pack and move, Fred fell off a bike and broke his leg, so he couldn’t help me with packing, driving, etc. As I couldn’t do it all by myself, I had to hire a professional moving company (that Kenneth have been working for). I have to admit; once we met it was instant chemistry. I thought he was cute, he thought I was cute, but you know what it’s like – I couldn’t let myself show it…. Or even feel it, so to speak. I was suppressing it and felt conflicted.

But, apparently, some supernatural forces helped me out of the situation: believe it or not, but right on the day before the “big move” a series of tornados hit the Memphis area. The apartment where we were going to move to was completely destroyed. There was no way to move in together till we find a new place… It was the first sign. I thought maybe God (or the universe) is trying to tell me something; maybe I should reconsider my plans?

It appeared that I was right. Few days after that horrible tornado, I decided to surprise my boyfriend with a living room picnic for our first anniversary of being a couple, to cheer him up a little. And… I was shocked to find him with another girl! I opened his apartment with my own key and they were just sitting there on the floor, making out. What can I say… I don’t want to sound too dramatic. I just walked out and never returned.

After a couple of weeks of “mental recovery” I decided to call Kenneth. During this time he was very supportive and soon we started dating…

Kenneth proposed to me in a very romantic way. Short after we started dating, we went on a Mississippi river cruise together. It was so nice to escape and try to forget about the past... Indeed, it seems so easy to look only into the bright future, as the riverboat is sailing and breaking the waves in the middle of the mighty River!

The sunset was magnificent and the surface of the water became almost as ginger as my hair. We were standing on the deck when Kenneth suddenly took a small black box out of his pocket. He opened it and I saw a golden ring… Then he said the four sacred words: “Will you marry me?” It was almost like in Titanic, you know, only with a happy ending!