How We Met

The Story Everyone Wants to Know

In September 2010 Tyler began to attend my church. I welcomed him there along with everyone else. During the Spring, I began my college life at Randolph Community College. Tyler just so happened to attend there as well. Throughout the semester we had the same two hour long break, so we would just sit and talk about anything and everything. Since his car was out of commission my best friend and I would take Tyler to our houses so that he would not have to stay at school all day. When I brought him to my home, there was an instant connection between him and my family. My little siblings loved him and loved playing with him. I received joy watching them play together. About midway through the semester we started liking each other more then just friends. On May 9th, 2011, Tyler asked me if I would be in a relationship with him. That night, my dad and sister, Miranda, and I traveled to Chicago, IL to pick up my older sister Dawn from Moody Bible Institute. The whole time that we were traveling I prayed and did a lot of thinking. When we made it home Wednesday, May 11th, I accepted. That is when my life turned around, and a new adventure began.


I was going to my parents church,(Sandy Creek Baptist Church) where my father is the pastor. In September I decided it was time to change somethings so I went to a church that my friend invited me to. Everyone there was very welcoming but this one girl caught my eye, but I thought there was no way and no how. Well she just could not stay away from me (just kidding) because a couple weeks later found out she would join me for the spring semester at the huge campus of Randolph Community College. Out of all those students we managed to have our 2 hour break together and we would talk about everything under the sun. That next may I got the courage and enough guts to ask her if she would go out with me. (even though I thought it would never happen) And after a few sleepless nights wondering if she would say yes. She got back from Chicago she gave a yes and from then I have been the most blessed man on the face of the earth.