Our story

Still going strong

9 years ago on a hot summer evening I had on my booty shorts and some skimpy little t-shirt getting my groove on at the club… NOT!!! Ok but we were at the club, Bobby T’s to be exact. For those of you who know me, I am not a club girl but Sonja drug my but out and made me go. I had a sour attitude about the whole adventure but that’s not surprising either. We were outside on the patio of the club and I hear this man say… pssst psst eh eh (I HATE, pssst psssst eh eh) I kept walking and had my hand on the door knob to go back inside the club and Sonja says, Sherrie, he’s talking to you (thanks Sonja, like I can’t hear) so I turn around and walk over to the table this manis sitting at thinking to myself pssst pssst… But when I sit down I’m like… this man is FINE!!! We talk for what seems like the entire night, after the club we continue our conversation via phone until wee hours in the morning and so our story begins.

Our first go around we stayed together for 1 year. I initially broke up with him because he worked crazy long hours and I couldn’t get enough QT. January 1st 2006 Gary knocks on my front door and says I miss you, I love you, I want the whole package with you, kids marriage everything. My response… I have a boyfriend. Gary drops to his knees puts his head in his hand sand yelled nooooo…. Sweetest words I’ve ever heard. And so starts the second go around. Our 3rd year together (on and off mind you) Gary asked me to marry him, I said ahhh no!!! Our5th year together (we are still on and off) he asked me again and had a 3.5 carat ring, it was tempting but again the answer was no. Well 3rd time is a charm and for fear of him never asking me again, LOL. On January 20th, 2012 Gary asked me again, six years after his original proposal and on our 3rd go around. I probably won’t get that 3.5 carat ring again, but I got my man so I have all that I need, ahhhhhh!!!!