How We Met


Based on bride's memory. The groom is still laughing. Hmmm.. Hey hun, we're waiting on your take. Love ya!

It's February 1998.

I've been in Chicago for a few months. A co-worker is taking me on a tour of the Chicago Tribune tower.

I meet a lot of people that day. I meet a guy name Phil. He seems nice, but I don't remember a lot about him.

I remember that I get the telephone number of another guy in the division who asked me out.

Over the years Phil and I become acquaintances. He works in another division. We speak in the hallways.

Fast forward 8 years.

Phil is no longer in a relationship. I am in between date-mates. I think Phil is such a great guy that I will set him up.

I try twice. I fail both times.

I never think about Phil for myself. He is soft-spoken, easy going, nurturing.

I like fast cars, running, jumping and adventure. I am easily bored.

Phil eventually tells me that he remembers everything that I wore that day in 1998. He had a crush on me. He can even tell me my hairstyle, lip gloss and shoes.

I barely remember our first meeting.

Time passes and our friendship grows. I, Miss Adventure, eventually begins to have fun with Mr. Stable. He's not my dating type. We're just friends.

One day we plan to "hang out" at one of my favorite restaurants. Phil shows up with flowers.

I am on the telephone with a guy friend when he shows up.

"Can you believe Phil has flowers?" I laugh. "What's that all about?"

The night moves on. We sit outside in my yard, talking until dawn.

What a sweet guy, I thought. Such a gentleman. Much like my dad. I have to find a woman for him. I scour my female acquaitances to find the "right one."

I try to set him up again. I fail again.

Can't tell when it happened. At some point, Miss Adventure begins to notice the color of his eyes. I know when he is quietly annoyed. I notice that his grip is more stable when we go out dancing. He is more sure of himself.

Mr. Stable can tell me the style of jeans that I wore at a work festival at least 7 years ago.

Beginning about three years ago, I finally "met" Phil. I can now tell him the color of his eyes, the way he twitches his mouth when there is a food that he doesn't like, the way his feet turn in sometimes when he walks.

Miss Adventure now understands why Mr. Stable remembers all those little details oh so many years ago.

We don't know when friendship became dating. It's all a blur.

We just know we were meant to be from the day that we met.