Our story

Our story

Every love story has a happy ending, however we all secreatly hope that happy ending will only be the beginning of something even better. Fortunatly for Nate and I that begining is close at hand. Our story isn't the classic fairy-tale, it wasn't love at first sight, there was no horse drawn carriage, and he never stood below my balcony and declared his love. Our love arrived instead on the wings of a whisper.

The year was 2007 and I was a successful independant college student but I needed a break from school, so I decided to go out with my girlfriends. We wound up at Applebees. I never could have known that my future would begin that evening.

Days went by, and life happened. There was a lot on my plate preparing for finals and trying to keep my head on straight. It was then that my girlfriend told me that one of her co-workers at Applebees was interested in me. We went on a few dates, but when winter vacation came our relationship hit a stand-still. It would be a year later that my knight in shining armor would arrive, little did I know I had met him once before.

His name was Nathan and this time when vacation struck we were prepared. We talked every day, and it wasn't long before we were headed toward something special. This time it was all butterflies and quiet evenings, red wine and serinades. He was handsome and adventurous, but there was something different, something more to him. I had no idea what it was, and frankly it scared me more than I can say. It would be another 10 months before I would figure it out.

After only 7 months of dating trial struck. I had terrible leg pain, and could hardly walk. Doctors couldn't figure out what it was, their only story was that I was fat and needed to loose weight. As if all my pain would vanish if I were thin. I lived with that pain for almost a year, and Nate lived with me. He took care of me. I couldn't work, so Nate did. I couldn't walk, so he pushed me. I couldn't sleep, so He would stay up with me. I couldn't smile, so he made me laugh. He was everything I needed him to be. And when doctors finally figured it out and realized I had to get surgery as soon as possible, he prayed. He waited with me as I wreathed in pain, he fasted when the doctor told me I couldn't eat, and when finally I got my surgery he waited up all night terrified and praying. When finally I awoke he fed me ice and brushed my hair out of my face.

He was there for me when no one was, when life felt hopeless. That's when I knew, I was truly and completely in love. He tells me he knew all along, but you see, that's how love grows. He knew all along that true love takes commitment, it just took a wile for me to learn the lesson, but I am so glad I did.